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 Flint, Michigan 

Asbury Church

1653 Davison Road, Flint, MI 48506



Community and Connection in Flint


The Flint water crisis is a public health crisis that started in 2014 after the drinking water for the city of Flint, Michigan was contaminated with lead and other contaminants. During a time of crisis, the residents of Flint came together to demand environmental justice and clean water, and also worked together as a community to distribute water to households across the city. Today, many residents of Flint continue to distrust their at-home water sources and seek other alternatives. 

Flint is a community facing substantial food insecurity, and especially due to the water contamination crisis, daily nutrition is critical for residents. Thus, Asbury Church began Asbury Farms as a response to the crisis, after already existing as a Water Resource Center and providing space for healthcare providers, bottled water, filters, other personal items, and food. In addition to moving the Flint community from a food desert to an exporter of food, Asbury Farms also offers residents employment and a pathway towards employment.


Asbury Church encapsulates its mission, vision, and strategy in a single phrase: CONNECTING NEIGHBORS. They strive to connect our neighbors to God, to each other, to our shared earth, and to each person’s created purpose. Their vision is a revitalized community where every resident can use their talents and passions for the common good, where children grow into citizens who contribute to building and maintaining a vibrant neighborhood, and all residents are able to enjoy the safety, good health, a culture that fosters life-long learning and satisfying lives. 

"Our work at 501CTHREE began in Flint in 2018, and through our partnership with Asbury Church in 2022, we hope to continue to serve this community and work with connective organizations like Asbury," stated Co-Founder Drew Fitzgerald.

The Water Box at Asbury Church was made possible by a donation from Elkay. Elkay has been making innovative products and delivering exceptional customer care for over a century. While proud to be America's No. 1 selling kitchen sink company, Elkay expanded its offerings more than four decades ago, and today delivers faucets, water coolers, and drinking fountains. Like your family, Elkay has values and traditions that endure - like our commitment to sustainability and giving back to our community. Headquartered in the United States in Downers Grove, Illinois, Elkay employs over 2,400 employees worldwide, working from 28 locations across the U.S., China, and Mexico. For more information, visit

Water Box Impact


Single-use 16 oz. plastic bottles replaced



Gallons of clean water distributed



Kilograms of greenhouse gasses avoided

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Water Test Results

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