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Los Angeles, California

The Sidewalk Project
 801 E 7th St #114a, Los Angeles, CA 90021




Houselessness is not a crime or an illness 


Houselessness is not a crime or an illness but is often treated as both. It is simply a circumstance: to be without a traditional “home.” That said, there’s nothing safe or secure about living on the street. Through various mediums, including art, music, film & public health, The Sidewalk Project aims to be socially active in houseless communities around the world.


The Sidewalk Project, a lived-experience mobile harm reduction SSP, aids unhoused, drug-using, and sex worker populations, providing residents of Skid Row, Los Angeles case management including medical care and housing linkages and system navigation services. The Sidewalk Project's street team provides direct services including crisis response, system advocacy, wound care, job placement, and medication-assisted treatment (MAT), and creative community resources for mental health.


We like to say, when systems fall down, people stand up! What does that actually mean? We don’t wait for the government or anyone one else to save us. We figure it out. It can start small with mutual aid within your community, a kind gesture to a stranger, and respect to our houseless neighbors. Wherever there is a sidewalk, there can be a Sidewalk Project. Start with a sandwich and a bottle of water. See where it takes you!



The Water Box at The Sidewalk Project was made possible by a donation from Los Angeles County Supervisor Hilda L. Solis, the Los Angeles County Supervisor who represents the residents of the First District.

Water Box Impact


Single-use 16 oz. plastic bottles replaced



Gallons of clean water distributed



Kilograms of greenhouse gasses avoided

Screen Shot 2021-11-10 at 8.44_edited.jpg

Water Test Results

For more information about the test results, visit our FAQ

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