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 Flint, Michigan 

Sylvester Broome Empowerment Village
4119 Saginaw St, Flint, MI 48505




Clean water for The Building of Dreams


Since 2014, ​First Trinity Missionary Baptist Church has been one of the reliable hubs in Flint for residents to get safe drinking water via single-serve bottled water. On designated days, residents line up in their cars, sometimes for hours, to receive the water.

​The logistics and heavy lifting, conducted voluntarily by the church deacons, are taxing and finite. And, because Flint isn't in the news as it once was, the amount of water donated has plummeted. As an added challenge, the state of Michigan ended its free water program in Flint making the church’s mission even harder for a community suffering through a prolonged water crisis.



In 2018, First Trinity and 501CTHREE began working together on what would become the Water Box. Together, we developed a solution that was as simple and fast as bottled water distribution and a robust testing protocol so that the community could have confidence that the water they received was clean and safe. The Water Box was launched in March of 2019, and has enabled the church to provide water to their community without the cost and waste of single-use plastic bottles.

Water Box Impact


Single-use 16 oz. plastic bottles replaced


Gallons of clean water distributed


Kilograms of greenhouse gasses avoided
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Water Test Results

For more information about the test results, visit our FAQ

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