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 Los Angeles, California 

HHCLA ReFresh Spot
544 Towne Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90013




A safe space for the Skid Row community


The ReFresh Spot offers a safe space for Skid Row’s housing insecure community of over 5,000 to access showers, restrooms, laundry, and phone charging. It is a public facility open 24/7 to anyone in the community. Much-needed supplies are also distributed, including hygiene and wound care kits, socks, undergarments, overdose prevention kits, pet supplies, and more. Skid Row is a concrete ‘heat island’, with summer temperatures reaching 100 degrees or more.  Its residents lack access to fresh, cool water, and often turn to opening public hydrants to stay cool.



The Water Box at the Refresh Spot is open 24/7, providing clean, chilled drinking water to Skid Row’s residents. This was 501CTHREE’s first chilled Water Box and also our first with an integrated solar panel for power. In partnership with New Balance, 501CTHREE also donated 5000 new sneakers that were given away to those in need. You can find out more about HHCLA and Refresh Spot at


The Water Box at Refresh Spot in Los Angeles, CA was made possible by a donation from Kind Humans, who also supported our Water Box at SBEV in Flint and is providing ongoing support of 501CTHREE’s Water Box program. Kind Human’s mission is to celebrate the good in humanity by cultivating a community of kindness, conscious consumption, and always giving back. You can find out more about Kind Humans at

Water Box Impact


Single-use 16 oz. plastic bottles replaced



Gallons of clean water distributed



Kilograms of greenhouse gasses avoided

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Water Test Results

For more information about the test results, visit our FAQ

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